[Mesa-dev] Fwd: Bug#728053: [PATCH] mesa: FTBFS: invalid alignment assumptions

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Thu Nov 7 08:30:32 PST 2013

Matt Turner dixit:

>[sarcasm]How well does NV84 video decoding work on m68k these days

Dunno, but people do use PCI ATI Radeon cards on Ataris
(not yet with Linux for lack of a driver for the PCI bridge,
but can’t be long now that they already wrote one for the
USB host controller).

It’s not my job to disable building that certain code in
the Debian package, I’m just building whatever the Debian
package maintainers shove our way.

Anyway, implicit alignment and padding assumptions are,
nevertheless, bad, so I believe that, even should that
particular code be disabled, this patch should be applied
upstream. (Also, to show others how it’s done correctly.
People learn coding by reading code.)

21:26⎜<cnuke> cool cool, pitch ist zu hoch
21:26⎜<cnuke> eingebauter chipmunk modus in dragonfly bsd │ I luv it ^^
21:31⎜«yofuh» ich glaube ich wuerde den rechner aussm fenster werfen,
     ⎜    wenn er beim booten das chipmunks intro spielt

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