[Mesa-dev] Request for fedback

Rogovin, Kevin kevin.rogovin at intel.com
Fri Nov 8 01:15:03 PST 2013

Hello all,

  I have been going through the Mesa source code, generating doxy-text with the goal to make getting started in Mesa faster.

 Chad has setup a public site so that anyone can see the doxygen generated content at:


Currently the following modules are documented:
 - src/mesa/main (Mesa main)
 - src/mesa/vbo (VBO)

documentation of i965 is ongoing (there are a lot of files to read), and other modules (egl, gbm, glsl, glx, mapi, math, program, tnl and swrast have either nothing or just the original doxygen-page file). My eventual goal is to have gbm, glsl, mapi and program well documented as well. The math module is mostly for compatibility and ES1, so it is on severe back burner (and is more or less very straightforward) and the tnl and swrast modules, although small, are also at the bottom of priority.

At any rate, I would greatly appreciate feedback for the MesaMain and VBO modules. In particular error correction and suggestions for additions. As one caveat, I do confess that I am not really going to take a great deal of effort documenting code that is for compatibility profile only, or for that matter for GLES1.x only.

Best Regards
 -Kevin Rogovin

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