[Mesa-dev] [Bug 50754] Building 32 bit mesa on 64 bit OS fails since change for automake

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> (In reply to comment #22)
> > I'm closing this bug because I'm able to crosscompile anytime with the help
> > of some variables.
> This is Mesa bug.  You being able to work around Mesa bug doesn't mean that
> it's fixed in Mesa.  Re-opening.
> IMHO either --enable-32-bit should be removed as misleading[1], or Mesa
> should be fixed.
> [1] as discussed, it sets CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS too late, so they don't have the
> required effect.
> Regarding Tapani's patch fixing this, there would need to be also a comment
> in configure.ac about the libtool initialization dependency on C/XXFLAGS
> values.

The problem has been flagged many times. No decision has ever been taken.
Having a recurring bug like this one where it is a matter of either fixing it
or removing it shouldn't stay forever opened. When I closed it, because I had a
workaround, I was considering the silence on this bug and the other similar
ones as "WONTBEFIXED".

I'd be glad to either see it being fixed or dumped. As you say, if
--enable-32-bit is not working as intended for anybody, then it is misleading
and useless, thus it should be removed. In the Doc, we could indicate the
"workaround" (which is not a workaround per-se because it is actually the
detailed way of doing it instead of relying on an automated flag like

We even have an almost (yet simple) patch proposed that only needs a little fix
as it seems.

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