[Mesa-dev] [Bug 71944] vs-temp-array-mat3-index-col-rd test fails with SB

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--- Comment #2 from Vadim Girlin <ptpzz at yandex.ru> ---
(In reply to comment #0)
> If I revert that commit the test passes with SB, but I'm pretty sure that
> commit only exposed a bug that weren't hit before.

Yes, I think you are right.

> I looked at the shader dumps and the only thing I found that looked a little
> strange was this.
> before: 7ae9cc71f097af5ae1f83f77f75de2198849faca
> z: SETE               T0.z,  R[2+AR].y, KC0[2].y
> w: SETE               T1.w,  R[2+AR].z, KC0[2].z
> x: SETE               T1.x,  R[2+AR].x, KC0[2].x
> after: 7ae9cc71f097af5ae1f83f77f75de2198849faca
> w: SETE_DX10          T0.w,  R[2+AR].z, KC0[2].z
> z: SETE_DX10          T0.z,  R[2+AR].y, KC0[2].y
> x: SETE_DX10          T1.x,  R[0+AR].x, KC0[2].x
> Is R[0+AR].x correct in the last line or should it be R[2+AR].x?

It's not necessarily incorrect, IIRC components of the indirectly addressed
array are considered as separate arrays by sb, they are allocated independently
and may have different base GPR indices, e.g. yz components of the original
array may be stored in R2.yz-R10.yz (if R0.yz and/or R1.yz are used for
something else) and x component in R0.x-R8.x.

AFAICS the problem is here:

 0106      12      x: MOV                R1.x,  [0x40800000 4].x
 0108              y: MOV                R2.y,  [0x40000000 2].y
 0110              z: MUL                T0.z,  KC0[3].w, R1.x
 0112              w: MUL                T1.w,  KC0[3].z, R1.x
 0114  40800000 
 0115  40000000 
 0116      13      x: MOV                R0.x,  1.0
 0118              y: MUL                T0.y,  KC0[3].x, R1.x

Instruction 0106 writes 4 to R1.x, but instruction 0118 in the next group
expects old value in R1.x (the value that was in R1.x before 0106). So it looks
like scheduler failed to handle that data dependency correctly for some reason,
instruction 0118 should be scheduled in the same group as 0106 or earlier.

Please attach the output with R600_DEBUG=vs,sbdump

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