[Mesa-dev] More projects for newbies

Maxence Le Doré maxence.ledore at gmail.com
Sat Nov 23 12:54:38 PST 2013

I have initial work on ARB_clear buffer_object for swrast there :


Untested. And this is a ugly single patch implementation. Gonna split
it shortly.

AMD_shader_trinary_minmax :
I have "played" with AMD_shader_trinary_minmax a month ago.
To mimic the way GLSL packing builtins are lowered. As I have no idea
of a gpu having
native MIN3/MAX3/MID3 instruction,
I found that it would be good to lower it to MIN2/MAX2. I stop as I
didn't know how
to lower mid3(). The lowering patch is there :

ARB_multi_bind :
My ARB_multi_bind implementation is from my point of view a little
cleaner. Splitted in multiple coherent patches. May be ok. But lacks
of ARB_shader_image_load_store (which I'm currently not enough skilled
to implement) don't allow me to fully implement glBindImageTextures(),
introduced with multi_bind and depending on
ARB_shader_image_load_store support.

Anyway. multi_bind branch is there :

AMD_blend_minmax_factor :

I have implemented it long time ago for almost every mesa drivers.
This was quite trivial. But a
good exercise to begin. The most annoying is that I have no idea of a
compositing engine
that would take advantage of this (will be happy if somebody could tell me !).

AMD_blend_minmax_factor is avaible there :

My other branches ?
Don't expect their content to be serious : For most of them, this is
OpenGL API stubs.
I use them as "reminders". Changes were done so quickly that they
would often contains typo
errors that break mesa compilation. I would talk about this work on
mesa dev list if I get
something really better.

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