[Mesa-dev] More projects for newbies

f.josef at email.cz f.josef at email.cz
Sat Nov 23 13:39:33 PST 2013

I have done the changes for ARB_map_buffer_alignment; will check I didn't 
break anything and start sending the patches in tomorrow.
Kind regards,

Michal Navratil

"I've posted a wiki with some project suggestions for people wanting to
get into Mesa development:


These projects are a little bit larger than the one I previously posted
to the mailing list
but I've tried to be very detailed.

I have two hopes for this wiki:

1. People already experienced with Mesa development will avoid these
projects. :)

2. Other people will add projects with similar scope and level of
detail. For example, I think someone could probably add a project for
GL_ARB_buffer_storage and GL_ARB_clear_texture.
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