[Mesa-dev] [Intel-gfx] [PATCH] dri3, i915, i965: Add __DRI_IMAGE_FOURCC_SARGB8888

Daniel Vetter daniel at ffwll.ch
Mon Nov 25 00:57:23 PST 2013

On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 02:12:13PM -0800, Kristian Høgsberg wrote:
> I don't know what else you'd propose?  Pass an X visual in the ioctl?
> An EGL config?  This is our name space, we can add stuff as we need
> (as Keith is doing here). include/uapi/drm/drm_fourcc.h is the
> canonical source for these values and we should add
> DRM_FORMAT_SARGB8888 there to make sure we don't clash.

Well that's kinda the problem. If you don't expect the kernel to clash
with whatever mesa is using internally then we should add it to the
kernel, first. That's kinda what Dave's recent rant has all been about.

The other issue was that originally the idea behind fourcc was to have one
formate namespace shared between drm, v4l and whomever else cares. If
people are happy to drop that idea on the floor I won't shed a single

In the end I'll expect that someone will make a funny collision between
all the different projects anyway, so meh.
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