[Mesa-dev] [Mesa-stable] Picks to 10.0 release branch

Tom Stellard tom at stellard.net
Mon Nov 25 21:03:10 PST 2013

On Sat, Nov 23, 2013 at 03:30:30PM -0800, Ian Romanick wrote:
> I believe that I have picked over all of the patches marked for the 10.0
> release branch. I have included the full list far below. There are a
> few patches that were sent to the mesa-stable mailing list that do not
> appear to have landed on master yet. I have not picked these over.
> These are:
> radeon/compute: Unconditionally inline all functions

I just pushed this patch to master, so it should show up on your pick
list now.


> docs: update 10.0 relnotes for GL_NV_vdpau_interop
> docs: Add Haiku mention to the release notes
> glsl: Fix lowering of direct assignment in lower_clip_distance.
> In addition, v1 of the following patch was NAKed for stable, but I
> didn't see any mention of the NAK being revoked in v2. I'm just waiting
> to hear back from the patch author.
> meta: fix meta clear of layered framebuffers
> If a patch that you believe should be on the release branch is not on
> one of these two lists, please send (or resend) it to mesa-stable... or
> at least send me links to the archive because I accidentally deleted the
> message. :(
> I am currently planning to do Mesa 10.0-rc2 later today.
> 1efe2ef620ba592d25d127d64d435fbf2db0bbda i965: Fix streamed state dumping/annotation after the blorp-flush change.
> 47ff55fa86f9bf74cf05944f4420bb6f2208790a mesa: Implement GL_FRAMEBUFFER_ATTACHMENT_LAYERED query.
> 8f4d95d41c0e84766279d7220adec959f86ed081 mesa: Fix texture target validation for glFramebufferTexture()
> 79d727e06302e500c5dcb0e766f959a77510eb08 i965: Fix fast clear of depth buffers.
> 7f99ae72c402869b76f297f87e8ef5b236f5c113 i965: Fix blorp clear of layered framebuffers.
> e934782b2a87cab79fde9e9c45bd796863dcaf7f i965: refactor blorp clear code in preparation for layered clears.
> ffa073ec72fe33f2155871fc511edbdb43152220 mesa: Track number of layers in layered framebuffers.
> 620d11aed40088a33011eb62dee911ac5b5a6985 radeonsi/compute: Fix LDS size calculation
> c8cf5dc401a964cacf88d6bd347f07f31221fc85 r600g/compute: Add a work-around for flushing issues on Cayman
> a645df01340d758b79905696a7ae41e196ba57f5 glsl: Fix interstage uniform interface block link error detection.
> 3470916d6af016254fe938324d67d58307384920 glsl: Fix cross-version linking between VS and GS.
> 320f2fa45daa27009137a52bee79267482a0bf96 glsl: Prohibit illegal mixing of redeclarations inside/outside gl_PerVertex.
> 2747e720362869c0a3ff7724745d4b9c11c86f9a mesa: enable GL_TEXTURE_LOD_BIAS set/get
> d4b7ff7fe00b8ff9734c2cd7cb6561c5d3653ec9 glx: don't fail out when no configs if we have visuals
> 63b02533f04226d391c62a7c67cdbf2ca927b5bd mesa/swrast: fix inverted front buffer rendering with old-school swrast
> 19f05b26ba638c51d4fe75107b7902906cc2b106 i965: Link -ldl after libmesa.la
> 11da04e1bbc283fd7fb322bcc632641afe2dc6d7 st/mesa: fix GL_FEEDBACK mode inverted Y coordinate bug
> 989d65009018d25b54496060a9ab5bf707849577 i965/vec4: Fix broken IR annotation in debug output.
> 9495fb4fff15c7f0e8b07bc101dd7a8ccfc6421c r600g/compute: Fix handling of global buffers in r600_resource_copy_region()
> 521c59f1327e8902e4bb9dc4f926a54a1cb26bd3 gallium: Pass version scripts to linker using --version-script=
> eafb9f675611ba40ca7ed8da95d90e3f87cc13c1 clover: Optionally return context's devices from clGetProgramInfo()
> 5af1fb532451f41d7cd920497d468582711bac00 i965/gen7: Emit workaround flush when changing GS enable state.
> 0040edcf9dd401b1b49d487c0ab15ad6aae8d4df docs: indicate GLX_MESA_query_renderer's completion
> defff44e1cb1f7524842ac69a876d290da588b9f docs: add a note about removed state tracker/targets
> 8f78b06dca4367be4dfbc4d8b984f260c344b2b5 r600g/sb: work around hw issues with stack on eg/cm
> 367241ec64c8140b0f1f5f6b452dc315684e4343 i965: Add missing break in SHADER_OPCODE_GEN7_SCRATCH_READ case.
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