[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 0/4] Clean up dri3 SBC handling, enable GLX_INTEL_swap_event

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Mon Nov 25 21:35:51 PST 2013

I've split the GLX_INTEL_swap_event enabling patch into four bits -- the first
three just fix the existing code to track SBC values correctly and to fix
wait_for_sbc. The fourth is the trivial patch to actually turn on the new
extension; all of the hard work for that is actually dealt with in the X

 [PATCH 1/4] dri3: Clean up struct dri3_drawable

Trivial struct member cleanup -- a couple of unused fields, and one oddly
placed field.

 [PATCH 2/4] dri3: Track full 64-bit SBC numbers, instead of just

This switches all of the internal SBC tracking to use 64-bit values. I use
uint64_t because I don't trust compilers with signed integer comparisons that
may wrap any more.

 [PATCH 3/4] dri3: Fix dri3_wait_for_sbc to wait for completion of

This one makes wait_for_sbc actually wait for the completion of the specified
swap, rather than the queuing of that value. Makes *far* more sense this way.

 [PATCH 4/4] dri3: Enable GLX_INTEL_swap_event

The trivial patch that just adds the extension to the list.


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