[Mesa-dev] Updates to 9.2 branch

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Wed Oct 2 18:06:49 PDT 2013

Maarten Lankhorst <maarten.lankhorst at canonical.com> writes:
>> The 9.2 branch is falling a bit behind.  I'm going to trickle out
>> patches to the stable branch over the next few days / week.  My plan is
>> to do 9.2.1 during the week of XDC.
> Waiting for mesa 9.2.1. :D

And I interfered with Ian's plans by reminding him that I was taking
this over, and then being too-particularly prompt with it myself.

At this point, the 9.2 branch in git should be pretty good. There's only
the one patch in get-pick-list.sh output that hasn't been cherry-picked,
(and I asked for a refresh of that here on the list).

I'm giving the 9.1 branch one last pass so that we can give it one last
release simultaneous with 9.2.1 and then you should see 9.2.1 very soon
with the commits as they now stand.

Thanks for your patience, everyone!

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