[Mesa-dev] My apologies: I double sent patches

Rogovin, Kevin kevin.rogovin at intel.com
Mon Oct 7 23:29:52 PDT 2013

Hello all,

  I really apologize, being new to git send-email and git format I managed to make a number of mistakes when I sent the patches for documentation:

  1) I sent the patch set twice.
  2) The second time I sent the patch set, I sent the first patch twice.

The threads for each are labeled "[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 1/3] just change doxy-directory"

I really apologize for adding the noise to the mailing list. Worse, I failed to add information as to what those patches did. Below is what they do:

  Patch 1: change the contents of doxygen/ so that it has only one run of doxygen of most sources and the generated elements include the sources inlined. Cross referencing (in particular caller and callee data) is flaky under .tag across units.

  Patch 2: Remove the \mainpage tags from src/ so that doxygen does not randomly choose one.

  Patch 3: Add .doxy_text files to various directories that signify the main directory of a module. The \mainpage tag text is restored in each .doxy_text file. Real text for src/mesa/main and src/mesa/vbo is written. Some effort, but not complete yet, is expended on i965 as well. One can see the text as pages in the doxygen generated output.

Again apologies for my clumsiness in using git send-email. Inspite of my clumsiness with sending the patches, I would greatly, greatly appreciate feedback on the text: accuracy and suggestions for additions.

Best Regards,

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