[Mesa-dev] [Bug 70359] [llvmpipe] piglit arb_shader_texture_lod-texgrad regression

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--- Comment #1 from Roland Scheidegger <sroland at vmware.com> ---
The test isn't really valid.
Note that passing it before was just an "accident" as the test verifies that
results using implicit and explicit gradients for cube maps are the same, and
the driver _ignored_ the explicit gradients before, hence the result obviously
was always the same.
However, there is no requirement that the result is really the same for
implicit and explicit gradients (in fact with d3d10 the api would require
explicit gradients be treated per-pixel, whereas sharing of implicit gradients
in a 2x2 quad is allowed).
That said, if you set GALLIVM_DEBUG to include no_quad_rho and no_rho_approx
env vars in a debug build the result should be the same currently for llvmpipe,
and it looks like it isn't so I guess there is a bug somewhere. I'll look into
that but even fixing it I would not expect the test to pass without these env

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