[Mesa-dev] [PATCH] gallium: new, unified pipe_context::set_sampler_views() function

Emil Velikov emil.l.velikov at gmail.com
Mon Oct 21 01:09:00 PDT 2013

On 16/10/13 03:23, Emil Velikov wrote:
> On 08/10/13 01:23, Brian Paul wrote:
>> This change touches quite a few files.  I've probably missed
>> something in drivers or state trackers that I can't test.
>> Please test if you're able.  Thanks.
>> ---
> Will run a quick piglit with and w/o on my nv50 this weekend.
Running a quick piglit test has proven a bit trickier than last time.
With that said I see no regressions on my nv50, apart from the 2-3 tests
with somewhat random result :)

Tested-by: Emil Velikov <emil.l.velikov at gmail.com>


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