[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 00/16] radeonsi: OpenGL 3.3 support

Michel Dänzer michel at daenzer.net
Fri Jan 24 01:33:12 PST 2014

This patch series adds GLSL 1.50 geometry shader support and thus
OpenGL 3.3 support to the radeonsi driver. It depends on two patches to
the LLVM R600 backend I posted earlier today.

Only 5 driver specific piglit tests enabled by this series are still

[PATCH 01/16] radeonsi: Refactor shader input / output handling code
[PATCH 02/16] radeonsi: Initial geometry shader support
[PATCH 03/16] radeonsi: Fix handling of geometry shader output vertex
[PATCH 04/16] radeonsi: Generalize counting of shader parameters
[PATCH 05/16] radeonsi: Handle TGSI_SEMANTIC_PRIMID
[PATCH 06/16] radeonsi: Handle adjacency primitives
[PATCH 07/16] radeonsi: Take GS into account for VS state in more
[PATCH 08/16] radeonsi: Also export clip distances with geometry
[PATCH 09/16] radeonsi: Really dump TGSI code before any TGSI->LLVM
[PATCH 10/16] radeonsi: Properly match ES outputs to GS inputs
[PATCH 11/16] radeonsi: Simplify shader PM4 state handling
[PATCH 12/16] radeonsi: Fix streamout from geometry shader
[PATCH 13/16] radeonsi: Pass VS resource descriptors to the HW ES
[PATCH 14/16] radeonsi: We don't support indirect addressing of
[PATCH 15/16] radeonsi: Geometry shader micro-optimizations
[PATCH 16/16] radeonsi: Enable OpenGL 3.3

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