[Mesa-dev] Debugging into Mesa Driver

Brian Paul brianp at vmware.com
Wed Jun 4 12:53:39 PDT 2014

On 06/04/2014 11:14 AM, roshan chaudhari wrote:
> Hello,
>          I just cloned the mesa driver from git repository. I am trying
> to debug the opengl application with mesa driver. I am not sure which
> flag to enable for debugging and where, I built a driver with
> -enable-debug in Makefile and added --DEBUG in CFLAGS in Makefile but
> still when I try to step into driver code it does not allow me. I am
> doing it with gdb in ubuntu.
> Can anyone please help me with that?

Try adding CFLAGS="-g -O0" CXXFLAGS="-g -O0" to your configure command.


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