[Mesa-dev] Mesa 10.1.5

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Fri Jun 6 19:41:31 PDT 2014

Mesa 10.1.5 has been released. Mesa 10.1.5 is a bug fix release which
fixes bugs fixed since the 10.1.4 release, (see below for a list of

The tag in the git repository for Mesa 10.1.5 is 'mesa-10.1.5'.

Mesa 10.1.5 is available for download at

SHA-256 checksums (can be verified with the sha256sum program):
b0aceaa75bc9a9b2d9215a113e2ad488b5cf85c99005a7624f8cf7c37c5d0eaa  MesaLib-10.1.5.tar.gz
bc6c5ec7836f254a49d055a29d9aa34c97c54c038f47ad3a00fa57a5fef15bbc  MesaLib-10.1.5.tar.bz2
78b7255cab0af7918945452a84de7989096ebcdd27e99b31c56c0589274cbc77  MesaLib-10.1.5.zip

Note: I've switched from publishing MD5 checksums to publishing SHA-256
checksums, (since the MD5 algorithm was broken quite some time
ago). I've also add detached GPG signatures next to each released file
that can be verified (if you have access to my public key) with a
command such as:

	gpg --verify MesaLib-10.1.5.tar.gz.sig

If anyone has any feedback on these changes to improve the reliability
of our release process, I will that. If the changes are received well, I
will recommend that all future releases adopt similar changes.

I have verified building from the .tar.bz2 file by doing:

tar xjf MesaLib-10.1.5.tar.bz2
cd Mesa-10.1.5
./configure --enable-gallium-llvm
make -j6
make install

I have also verified that I pushed the tag.


carl.d.worth at intel.com

Changes from 10.1.4 to 10.1.5:

Brian Paul (1):
      glsl: fix use-after free bug/crash in ast_declarator_list::hir()

Carl Worth (6):
      docs: Add md5sums for 10.1.4 release
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/10.1' into 10.1
      cherry-ignore: Ignore two commits.
      Ignore a patch that is not needed for the 10.1 branch.
      Update version to 10.1.5
      Add release notes for the 10.1.5 release.

Emil Velikov (1):
      glx: do not leak dri3Display

Ilia Mirkin (2):
      nv50/ir: fix s32 x s32 -> high s32 multiply logic
      nv50/ir: fix constant folding for OP_MUL subop HIGH

James Legg (1):
      mesa: Fix unbinding GL_DEPTH_STENCIL_ATTACHMENT

Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia (2):
      glapi: Avoid heap corruption in _glapi_table
      darwin: Fix test for kCGLPFAOpenGLProfile support at runtime

Pavel Popov (2):
      i965: Properly return *RESET* status in glGetGraphicsResetStatusARB
      i965: Fix Line Stipple enable bit in 3DSTATE_SF for Haswell.

Roland Scheidegger (1):
      llvmpipe: fix crash when not all attachments are populated in a fb

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