[Mesa-dev] [PATCH] Add GPU BLIT of texture image to PBO in Intel driver

Jon Ashburn jon at lunarg.com
Tue Jun 10 12:26:42 PDT 2014

See v2 of patch sent to mesa-dev list in  early March:


Or I can resend this v2 patch if needed.
On 06/10/2014 01:14 PM, Ian Romanick wrote:
> On 02/24/2014 02:55 PM, Matt Turner wrote:
>> On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 2:04 PM, Jon Ashburn <jon at lunarg.com> wrote:
>>> Add Intel driver hook for glGetTexImage to accelerate the case of reading
>>> texture image into a PBO.  This case gets huge performance gains by using
>>> GPU BLIT directly to PBO rather than GPU BLIT to temporary texture followed
>>> by memcpy.
>>> No regressions on Piglit tests  with Intel driver.
>> Patch summary should be prefixed with "i965:" and the commit message
>> should contain some performance data.
> ping.
> We're still waiting for the requested changes to the commit message...
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