[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 00/18] Multi-stream support for geometry shaders

Iago Toral Quiroga itoral at igalia.com
Wed Jun 11 00:49:23 PDT 2014

This series brings multi-stream support to geometry shaders as defined by
ARB_gpu_shader5. It also covers some missing multi-stream functionality from
ARB_transform_feedback3. This is combined work from Samuel Iglesias and

The series includes both required infrastructure in Mesa and specific
implementation for i965.

Patch 1: GLSL parsing bits.
Patches 2-8: transform feedback support.
Patches 9-13: support for vertex/primitive emission to non-zero streams.
Patches 14-15: ir_reader support.
Patches 16-18: transform feedback queries support (ARB_transform_feedback3).

I am not very happy with patch 11 but I could not find a better way to do this,
hopefully someone here knows how to do this better. There is a comment in the
patch explaining the problem, but here goes a summary:

EmitVertex() is not a builtin-function like most others, when this is
called we don't really generate code, we simply generate an ir_emit_vertex()
to mark the point where vertex emission is to be done. Then, this will be
processed at native code-generation time via
vec4_gs_visitor::visit(ir_emit_vertex *) (in the i965 driver) to do what this
means for the specifc hardware we are dealing with.  EmitStreamVertex(n) is
the same thing, with the exception that it takes a compile-time constant
parameter with the stream id. The problem we have here is that this input
variable and its value are not really important until we generate native code,
it won't be used for anything until that moment, and this makes Mesa think that
it is unused in the optimization passes for dead code that we run before native
code genration. As a consequence, these passes will kill the variable and by the
time we reach vec4_gs_visitor::visit(ir_emit_vertex *) we have lost
the streamId information.

The way patch 11 works around this problem is to never generate an ir_call for
EmitStreamVertex(n), instead, when it detects that we are calling this function,
it evaluates the parameters at that moment (we can do this because by definition
the parameter must be a compile-time constant expression), and generates the 
ir_emit_vertex with the stream value directly. This is more efficient, gets
the problem solved and also solves another thing: we want to control if we are
emitting vertices to streams other than 0 and this also gives as the opportuity
to detect this situation in a place where we can set state accordingly for
later use. However, having to create a special case for this in does not
look very nice. The same goes for EndStreamPrimitive(n).

Iago Toral Quiroga (16):
  mesa: add StreamId information to transform feedback outputs.
  i965: Enable transform feedback for streams > 0
  glsl: Assign GLSL StreamIds to transform feedback outputs.
  glsl: Fail to link if inter-stage input/outputs are not assigned to
    stream 0
  glsl: Add methods to retrive a varying's name and streamId.
  glsl: Two varyings can't write to the same buffer from different
  glsl: Only geometry shader outputs can be associated with non-zero
  glsl: Store info about geometry shaders that emit vertices to non-zero
  i965/gs: Set number of control data bits for stream mode.
  glsl: Add support for EmitStreamVertex() and EndStreamPrimitive().
  glsl: Can't emit vertices to non-zero streams with output !=
  i965/gs: Set control data bits for vertices emitted in stream mode.
  glsl: include streamId when reading/printing emit-vertex and
    end-primitive IR.
  mesa: Include stream information in indexed queries.
  mesa: Enable simultaneous transform feedback queries on different

Samuel Iglesias Gonsalvez (2):
  glsl: Add parsing support for multi-stream output in geometry shaders.
  glsl: include streamId when reading/printing ir_variable IR.

 src/glsl/ast.h                                    |  5 ++
 src/glsl/ast_function.cpp                         | 37 ++++++++++---
 src/glsl/ast_to_hir.cpp                           |  6 +++
 src/glsl/ast_type.cpp                             | 19 ++++++-
 src/glsl/builtin_functions.cpp                    | 60 +++++++++++++++++++++
 src/glsl/glsl_parser.yy                           | 45 ++++++++++++++++
 src/glsl/glsl_parser_extras.cpp                   |  4 ++
 src/glsl/glsl_parser_extras.h                     |  5 ++
 src/glsl/ir.h                                     | 23 +++++---
 src/glsl/ir_print_visitor.cpp                     | 15 +++---
 src/glsl/ir_reader.cpp                            | 24 +++++++--
 src/glsl/link_varyings.cpp                        | 40 +++++++++++++-
 src/glsl/link_varyings.h                          | 17 ++++++
 src/glsl/linker.cpp                               | 33 ++++++++++++
 src/mesa/drivers/dri/i965/brw_vec4_gs.c           |  9 ++--
 src/mesa/drivers/dri/i965/brw_vec4_gs_visitor.cpp | 51 +++++++++++++++++-
 src/mesa/drivers/dri/i965/brw_vec4_gs_visitor.h   |  1 +
 src/mesa/drivers/dri/i965/gen6_queryobj.c         |  8 +--
 src/mesa/drivers/dri/i965/gen7_sol_state.c        | 65 ++++++++++++++---------
 src/mesa/main/context.c                           |  2 +-
 src/mesa/main/mtypes.h                            | 10 +++-
 src/mesa/main/queryobj.c                          | 18 ++++---
 src/mesa/main/shaderapi.c                         |  1 +
 src/mesa/main/shaderobj.c                         |  1 +
 src/mesa/program/program.c                        |  1 +
 25 files changed, 432 insertions(+), 68 deletions(-)


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