[Mesa-dev] [Bug 80034] compile error eglGetSyncValuesCHROMIUM undeclared

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Mon Jun 16 16:45:59 PDT 2014


--- Comment #5 from charlie <bug0xa3d2 at hushmail.com> ---
Solved. Mesa compiled fine after I fixed the typo in CPPFLAGS but I removed
CPPFLAGS as suggested anyway.

>I use a simple 10-liner script that sets the options that I need from mesa.

People, your time was not a total waste as I will incorporate all your tips and
suggestions I learned here maybe in a build script or .bash_profile so other
people can test mesa more easily in the future.

>Thus setting it to /etc while the latter two are ${XBUILD} is not something I've seen and/or encourage.

I probably did that so that I could use one /etc for 3 different installs of X
on my system.

Thanks guys.

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