[Mesa-dev] Broadcom VC4 project

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 17:02:16 PDT 2014

> I'm working toward building a Mesa driver for Broadcom VC4 (aka
> Raspberry Pi).  At the moment I'm still bringing up the DRM side of
> things, but I hope to be doing bits of userspace in the next few days.
> Current status is I have a skeleton DRM KMS driver that's going to talk
> to the firmware for modesetting, and now I'm starting on the execution
> side of things.
> I'm probably going to start out doing a gallium driver for simplicity,
> to avoid having to do all the DRI crap we've got in brw_context.c and
> texture miptree validation and getting user data into VBOs and all that
> other almost-boilerplate.  Long term I may end up switching to classic
> so I can get swrast fallbacks and the ability to implement single-copy
> manually-tiled TexImage uploads like.  For now I want to get to drawing
> triangles as soon as I can.

Do we know anywhere swrast fallbacks make sense? like except for
conformance testing,

You've got an armv6 swrast fallbacks are going to be punishing, I
don't even think it has neon extensions.


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