[Mesa-dev] Static/shared pipe-drivers (was megadriver/pipe-loader-to-all)

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 08:10:10 PDT 2014

Emil Velikov wrote:
> Hi all,
> These patches add support for building (grouping) the various targets
> per API, meaning that only one library will be created  for e.g.
> vdpau (libvdpau_gallium) with individual ones (libvdpau_r600) being a
> hardlink to it.

How is this supposed to work from a users point of view, by which I mean
that it seems if I build current mesa I no longer have vdpau.

Of course I do if I leave the old libs in place it still uses them, but
if I remove them I get no new links installed.

./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr --enable-texture-float
--with-egl-platforms=x11,drm --with-gallium-drivers=radeonsi,swrast
--enable-opencl --enable-vdpau  --enable-gbm --enable-shared-glapi
--enable-glx-tls --with-dri-drivers= && make -j5

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