[Mesa-dev] Mesa 10.2 release candidate 2

Ian Romanick idr at freedesktop.org
Fri May 9 20:28:43 PDT 2014

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Mesa 10.2 release candidate 2 is now available for testing.  The current
plan of record is to have an additional release candidate each Friday
until the 10.2 release on Friday, May 30th (correcte from the RC1
announcement e-mail).

Note: there is a possible front-buffer rendering regression in the
branch on some Intel hardware configurations.  If you're worried about
this case, you may want to wait for RC3.  I chose to not revert the
patches because I would have needed to revert quite a few (due to a
dependency chain), and the patches fix an assertion failure.  For more
information, see:


The tag in the GIT repository for Mesa 10.2-rc2 is 'mesa-10.2-rc2'.

Mesa 10.2 release candidate 2 is available for download at


f0f962321522c9fe599a2b69cc229b67  MesaLib-10.2.0-rc2.tar.gz
9976683cf51b330d3b06301e52bbc3d6  MesaLib-10.2.0-rc2.tar.bz2
910c14cd75cac00b26b11c35d1034d06  MesaLib-10.2.0-rc2.zip

I have verified building from the .tar.bz2 file by doing the following
on my aging Fedora 18 system:

tar -xjf Mesa-10.2.0-rc2.tar.bz2
cd Mesa-10.2.0-rc2
./configure --enable-gallium-llvm
make -j6 && make check
make install

Changes since mesa-10.2-rc1:

Emil Velikov (2):
      configure: error out if building GBM without dri
      glx/tests: Partially revert commit 51e3569573a7b3f8da0df093836761003fcdc414

Ian Romanick (2):
      linker: Fix consumer_inputs_with_locations indexing
      mesa: Bump version to 10.2-rc2

Ilia Mirkin (1):
      nv50/ir/gk110: fix set with f32 dest

Kenneth Graunke (9):
      i965: Set miptree target field when creating from a BO.
      i965: Always intel_prepare_render() after invalidating front buffers.
      meta: Unify the GLSL and fixed-function clear paths.
      meta: Add a new MESA_META_DRAW_BUFFERS bit.
      meta: Add infrastructure for saving/restoring the DrawBuffers state.
      meta: Only clear the requested color buffers.
      i965: Enable GL_ARB_texture_view on Broadwell.
      mesa: Fix MaxNumLayers for 1D array textures.
      i965: Fix GPU hangs on Broadwell in shaders with some control flow.

Roland Scheidegger (1):
      draw: do not use draw_get_option_use_llvm() inside draw execution paths

Tapani Pälli (1):
      glsl: fix bogus layout qualifier warnings

Thomas Hellstrom (1):
      st/xa: Fix performance regression introduced by commit "Cache render target surface"

Tom Stellard (4):
      pipe-loader: Don't destroy the winsys in the sw loader
      clover: Destory pipe_screen when device does not support compute v2
      configure.ac: Add LLVM_VERSION_PATCH to DEFINES
      radeonsi: Enable geometry shaders with LLVM 3.4.1

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