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--- Comment #54 from Iago Toral <itoral at igalia.com> ---
Hi Jason,

I think we are close to completing this, so here is a summary of the current
state and how we intend to submit the patches for review, since we assume that
you will be reviewing most of these:

(In reply to Jason Ekstrand from comment #0)
> I would like to fix clean up this mess and unify a lot of the conversion
> code.  Here's what I've envisioned:
>  1) Autogenerate all of the color packing/unpacking functions


>  2) Convert all of the packing/unpacking functions to pack/unpack a
> rectangle taking a width, height, and stride.  We can use 1x1 for
> single-pixel conversions.

We decided not to do this yet because in the end format conversion will mostly
happen through _mesa_format_convert now which already accepts a rect. Although
making the pack/unpack functions accept a rect would slightly simplify
_mesa_format_covert I think it won't really make a big difference anywhere
else, so we have kept postponing this until now. We can still do this change if
you think it is worth it.

>  3) Make swrast use the unpacking functions instead of its own texture
> sampling functions.
>  4) Add an array format enum that allows us to enumerate all possible array
> formats.  Between mesa_format and this array format, we should also be able
> to enumerate all of the GL datatypes.
>  5) Make a masater conversion function that takes a void*, format, width,
> height, and stride for both source and destination and just does the
> conversion.  If the above mentioned array format enum is distinct from the
> mesa_format enum, the function could be written to take a uint32_t type and
> accept either mesa_format or an array format in the same parameter.
>  6) Use the above master conversion function for TexSubimage, TexImage,
> GetTexImage, DrawPixels, and ReadPixels.  We still have to deal with pixel
> conversion, but it should vastly simplify all of them.

All this is done.

We have run piglit for i965, classic swrast, gallium swrast, llvmpipe, nouveau
and gallium radeon without regressions so I guess it should be quite okay.
Actually, there are now about 14 new piglit subtests that pass when compared to

That said, I think there are probably many conversions that piglit won't cover,
so I would not be surprised if we have a bunch of regressions anyway, but
hopefully they won't be anything major.

We are now preparing the patch set for review now. It is a large collection of
patches (>50 patches), so we are thinking to split it in 3 series: one with
general bugfixes, another for the auto-generation of pack/unpack functions and
a final series with the master convert function.

Git says that the patches add ~5K LOC and remove ~15K LOC, so it a huge

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