[Mesa-dev] The ARB_shader_subroutine extension

Gustaw Smolarczyk wielkiegie at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 08:31:53 PST 2014

Hello once again,

This time, I would like to ask about the shader subroutine extension.
I believe this extension is not very popular, but is still needed for
GL4 compliance.

What is the reason for its unpopularity?
Is it because one needs to reset subroutine uniform values after any glUse*?
Or it just didn't provide enough value?
Wouldn't it be good to implement uber-shaders (especially using
subroutine uniform array)?

Is anybody actively working on it? I guess, there are changes needed
in the GLSL compiler. It could be easily lowered to a
switch-on-uniform-int thing, or something like that, if only
compliance to the GL4 matters and not the performance.


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