[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 09/29] mesa: Add _mesa_swap2_copy and _mesa_swap4_copy

Patrick Baggett baggett.patrick at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 10:58:12 PST 2014

> The restrict keyword is a C99 thing and I don't think it's supported in
> MSVC so that would be a problem.  If it won't build with MSVC then it's a
> non-starter.  If MSVC can handle "restrict", then I don't know that I care
> much either way about 2 functions or 4
MSVC uses "__restrict" which functions identically -- but if there doesn't
already exist a #define around this "MSVC-ism", then I guess it may be more
work then Iago was really signing up for. But it does exist.
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