[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 3/4] nine: handle D3DISSUE_END without previous D3DISSUE_BEGIN

John Ettedgui john.ettedgui at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 22:45:32 PST 2014

On Fri Nov 21 2014 at 10:36:29 PM Ilia Mirkin <imirkin at alum.mit.edu> wrote:

> Right, I figured as much. My point is that doing what I'm proposing
> there would allow such usage even though it is illegal based on the
> API description.
> Alright.

> It requires a begin_query for some but not all queries.
> Perhaps the code should read like
>     } else {
>         if (This->state != NINE_QUERY_STATE_RUNNING)
>             pipe->begin_query(pipe, This->pq);
>         pipe->end_query(pipe, This->pq);
>         This->state = NINE_QUERY_STATE_ENDED;
>     }
> This seems like it would also take care of the Ended -> Ended
> transition which is supposed to restart the query.
My understanding is that the End->End restart is only in the final state of
the query, so it shouldn't happen in the others.
Do you see that differently?
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