[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 00/10] i965/state: Merge cache and brw flags.

Kenneth Graunke kenneth at whitecape.org
Tue Nov 25 04:43:32 PST 2014


This series does some longstanding cleaning I've been meaning to do
in the i965 state upload code.  The distinction between BRW_NEW_* and
CACHE_NEW_* flags has been pretty arbitrary for a while - 10/17 of
them were for things we stopped caching years ago.  So, I moved
those to be BRW_NEW_* bits, and combined a bunch of redundant ones
while I was at it.

Patches 1-6 move non-cache-related things out of .cache, along with
other tidying.  This actually could save up to 160 bytes of memory
per context (on 64-bit), because cache types have auxiliary compare
and free function pointers...which weren't used at all for these.
(I haven't actually measured this - just eliminated the fields).

Patches 7-10 take it a step further, and kill off the "cache" bitset
altogether.  A while back, I was looking at callgrind graphs for Glamor,
trying to reduce brw_state_upload costs.  One of the places where I saw
cycles being wasted was in check_state(), which sees if each atom needs
to be emitted.  Eliminating "cache" should eliminate 1/4 of the cycles
spent there, and every little bit helps.

I also like the new names - BRW_NEW_VERTEX_PROGRAM vs CACHE_NEW_VS_PROG
was always confusing - which is which, and why should I use one or the
other?  BRW_NEW_VS_PROG_DATA is clearly tied to brw_vs_prog_data.

No regressions on 965, GM45, Ironlake, Sandybridge GT1/2, Ivybridge GT1/2,
or Haswell GT3e.  I really should check Broadwell before pushing, but
haven't yet.

This is available as the 'state-kill-cache' branch of my tree.
It depends on the ddx/ddy cleanups I sent yesterday.


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