[Mesa-dev] [Bug 80848] [dri3] Building mesa fails with dri3 enabled

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Wed Nov 26 09:15:16 PST 2014


--- Comment #29 from Emil Velikov <emil.l.velikov at gmail.com> ---
OK so it seems that, on relink, libtool prepends an extra -L or two prior to
-L/opt/lib thus gcc/ld might end up finding the system library thus never
bothers searching in /opt/lib. The extra -L can be seen when one invokes $ make
V=1 ..

It smells like a bug in libtool, despite the response I got on IRC (va at
#autotools) that libtool is correct here. Cannot find any hints, neither did
he/she mention anything to support that statement :'( The search continues...

Guys can you attach the glx hunk of $ make V=1 && make V=1 install, with the
patch in comment 27.
Additionally can you add the last ~15 lines of libtool --help


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