[Mesa-dev] sampler types in tgsi

Roland Scheidegger sroland at vmware.com
Fri Nov 28 22:07:20 PST 2014

Am 29.11.2014 um 06:12 schrieb Ilia Mirkin:
> Hello,
> It appears that the A3XX ISA (freedreno) requires the texture
> instruction to properly specify its output type (or at least f32 vs
> u32). Now I could stick this into a driver-local shader key, but it
> seems unfortunate since in glsl, it knows whether it's an int or float
> sampler.
> Would there be any objections to being able to specify an int property
> on the SAMP declaration? Or some alternate approach?

Hmm I guess the return type of the sampler_view decl was intended for
something along these lines (it's a d3d10-ism but not really used right
now, and it is per channel too). If you make some return type in sampler
this is thus not very nice as now you've got it both in sampler and
sampler_view. Not sure what a good solution of that would be...


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