[Mesa-dev] [Bug 84242] FTBFS: libOpenCL.so.1.0.0: ld: .eh_frame_hdr table[5707] FDE at 0000000000c45b8c overlaps table[5708] FDE at 0000000000c45a88

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Fri Oct 3 06:25:50 PDT 2014


--- Comment #16 from Alan Modra <amodra at gmail.com> ---
It looks like the overlapping FDE error is caused by a bunch of zero address
range FDEs in /usr/lib/llvm-3.5/lib/libclangCodeGen.a(CGStmtOpenMP.o).  These
do have the potential to cause an exception handling problem at runtime, so ld
is correct to complain.  (It might also be reasonable for ld to discard these
FDEs.)  I haven't looked into why they are being generated, I'll leave that to
someone familiar with that library.  So, not a mesa bug.

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