[Mesa-dev] [Bug 84570] Borderlands 2: Constant frame rate drops while playing; really bad with additionl lighting

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            Summary|Borderlands 2: Framerate    |Borderlands 2: Constant
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                   |dynamic lighting activated  |playing; really bad with
                   |                            |additionl lighting

--- Comment #2 from Kai <kai at dev.carbon-project.org> ---
After playing a bit more, I'm also seeing framerate drops every time I meet at
least one of the following conditions:
- moving around fast, preferrably turning (examples: driving, running or
jumping and turning)
- lots of new objects/overlays spawn or become visible/active (example: enemies
jump down in front of you from a ledge)
- LOD gets above a certain point in an area with many objects/enemy (example:
you see a hord of enemies in a camp far ahead and charge ahead, shortly before
you reach the point where you want to engage)

Activating DynamicLights in the configuration just makes it worse.
Interestingly enough, in the non-dropped case, my FPS are roughly the same ~50
with DynamicLighs and almost 60 without. When the rate drops it's like the game
halts for a second and GALLIUM_HUD shows a single-digit FPS rate.

Without DynamicLights the game stays playable, even if the drops are annoying.
At least I haven't managed to die due to such a framerate drop yet. ;-)

(In reply to Ian C. Bullard from comment #1)
> DynamicLights' name is misleading, when set to false *all* lighting except
> for ambient light is turned off.

I changed the bug title. Let me know, whether this is more correct or if I
should change it to something else.

> From our experience, most Intel hardware just can't handle it.

Does that mean, this bug should be reassigned to the Radeon driver?

> If you need more information, please let me know.

Just guessing here, but a test case (ie. an ApiTrace) demonstrating the problem
might help. Otherwise the devs would need access to the game.

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