[Mesa-dev] Assertion `key->nr_vertex_elements <= llvm->draw->pt.nr_vertex_elements' failed.

Roland Scheidegger sroland at vmware.com
Tue Oct 14 13:37:54 PDT 2014

On 10/14/2014 01:14 PM, Thomas Sondergaard wrote:
> using llvmpipe I'm hitting the following assertion in some old code that
> use glEdgeFlag().
> src/gallium/auxiliary/draw/draw_llvm.c:1824:draw_llvm_make_variant_key:
> Assertion `key->nr_vertex_elements <= llvm->draw->pt.nr_vertex_elements'
> failed.
> I have captured a trace with apitrace from the program that you can
> download here:
> https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v1/url?u=http://spear.medical-insight.com/~ts/camloader.trace&k=oIvRg1%2BdGAgOoM1BIlLLqw%3D%3D%0A&r=F4msKE2WxRzA%2BwN%2B25muztFm5TSPwE8HKJfWfR2NgfY%3D%0A&m=sKwEyXn7fc%2FNucRx6KesK7QsmLBbFD6UarCJqZpe4M4%3D%0A&s=cce0b92df9c2172c5c13bc70d46d0f3d682252d07880b0e75ec11551de9f634d
> (size: 286KiB)
> I can trigger the assertion like this:
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.../mesa/build/linux-x86_64-debug/gallium/targets/libgl-xlib
> apitrace replay camloader.trace
> I have reproduced this problem with mesa.git master tonight (commit
> 742158b51ee981) and with versions of mesa that predates version 10.
> I hope you can (help me) figure out what is wrong.

I don't think edgeflags ever worked with llvmpipe - there's some piglit 
test which fails since forever though it does not crash. I'm not 
entirely sure how much work it would be to make it work, there's 
probably not that much interest.


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