[Mesa-dev] [Bug 84570] Borderlands 2: Constant frame rate drops while playing; really bad with additionl lighting

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--- Comment #20 from Ian C. Bullard <ibullard at aspyr.com> ---
(In reply to Kai from comment #18)
> That's quite possible, though I can see drops (as shown in the attached
> screenshot), when I do nothing particularily intersting besides moving
> around in an area which I've been in for some time. The really bad drops
> (single-digit) indeed seem only to happen upon entering an area, ie. after a
> loading screen.

The drops can occur even if you've been in an area for a while.  Borderlands is
a heavily streamed game so new textures/shaders can cause a hiccup.  We're
looking at ways to smooth this out.

> Though I did hear from a friend – using a nVidia card with the proprietary
> driver and DynamicLights=false – that she's seeing occasional
> drops/micro-freezes as well.

That fits with what I expected and matches what I said above. 

> If there's some kind of info I can provide you with, which would make this
> clear, let me know. Maybe Ian from Aspyr can help as well (especially: might
> any option listed at <http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/ConsoleCommands.html>
> help in debugging this? Are there other options that might produce helpful
> output?)?

I don't know of any command that can assist, sorry.  Most of the commands are
disabled in release builds.

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