[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 4/5] gallium: introduce PIPE_CAP_CLIP_HALFZ.

Roland Scheidegger sroland at vmware.com
Thu Oct 23 16:00:20 PDT 2014

Am 23.10.2014 um 22:56 schrieb Mathias Fröhlich:
> Hi Michel,
> On Thursday, October 23, 2014 11:47:32 Michel Dänzer wrote:
>> Does softpipe really handle it though? Have you tested that?
> I have just rechecked, both softpipe and llvmpipe gallium drivers
> pass the piglit test.
> I thought that is handled somewhere in the ...gallium/auxiliary/draw/...
> code that is used within softpipe. So even if the sp_* files do not reference
> the halfz variable directly this seems to work ...

Yes, that should be correct, it is true for llvmpipe as well. llvmpipe
references clip_halfz directly because it also infers from it it's
really d3d10 hence infers from that depth clamp is always enabled, it
also needs this for deriving said depth clamp min/max. This is quite a
fishy area though there (the depth clamp differences between GL and
D3D10 are weird and not properly expressed really in gallium). But I
guess those differences would be more related to the broken /
misspecified NV_depth_range extension...
So, looks good to me.


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