[Mesa-dev] [PULL] i965: rename brw_gs -> brw_ff_gs; rename brw_vec4_gs -> brw_gs.

Kenneth Graunke kenneth at whitecape.org
Tue Oct 28 19:27:00 PDT 2014


I'd like to rename some files in i965:

- brw_gs.c      -> brw_ff_gs.c
- brw_gs.h      -> brw_ff_gs.h
- brw_gs_emit.c -> brw_ff_gs_emit.c
- brw_vec4_gs.c -> brw_gs.c
- brw_vec4_gs.h -> brw_gs.h

The current "brw_gs" files are about emulating fixed-function functionality 
(VF primitive decomposition and SOL) via the geometry shader; actual 
programmable geometry shader code is handled by brw_vec4_gs.[ch].

With the advent of SIMD8 geometry shaders, "vec4_gs" will be confusing.  "gs" 
is nicer.  Most of the legacy code uses the "ff_gs" name already - when Paul 
respun his GS series, he renamed everything, but didn't change the filenames.

Objections?  Acks?

The "i965-reorg" branch of my tree (~kwg/mesa) has two patches to do the 

    i965: Rename brw_vec4_gs.[ch] to brw_gs.[ch].
    i965: Rename brw_gs{,_emit}.[ch] to brw_ff_gs{,_emit}.[ch].

Since they're purely "git mv" and #include fixes, I figured mailing out the 
diff would be useless.

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