[Mesa-dev] [Bug 85712] glClear can hang when the window being rendered is concurrently closed

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Fri Oct 31 11:17:01 PDT 2014


--- Comment #2 from Steven Stewart-Gallus <sstewartgallus00 at mylangara.bc.ca> ---
I suspect the problem can occur on machines other than my Intel
machine but I can't confirm. The problem occurs when one closes a
window while it is being rendered to with glClear. The
xcb_wait_for_reply function which is deep in the callstack should
return with a BadDrawable error probably. How I triggered the problem
was that I built and ran my program at
which is a federation of processes and has a seperate process for
drawing to the window than the one that created it and killed the
window creating process while the drawer process was using
glClear. Strangely, while my gui process which listens for user input
failed with an error upon the window being destroyed the drawer
process got stuck in glClear.

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