[Mesa-dev] Initial Skylake enabling

Kristian Høgsberg krh at bitplanet.net
Wed Sep 24 12:28:05 PDT 2014

Here's a set of 16 patches to bring up mesa on Skylake (GEN 9).  This is
just initial enabling, there's more work to do.  Most patches have been
written/reviewed/signed-off by at least two developers and are ready to go.
There are a few new patches from me in the set that haven't been reviewed

   1/16: The PCI ID list matches Damiens from the kernel series, with
         brw_device_info added for mesa.

  10/16: The fast clear scaling factors changed again for SKL.

  11/16: Compaction tables are the same as for BDW.

  15/16: The MOCS bit changed format, add new #defines for SKL.

  16/16: The depth stall workaround isn't needed for SKL or BDW, remove.


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