[Mesa-dev] [PATCH] i965: Use memset to do fast color clears on non-busy miptrees.

Kenneth Graunke kenneth at whitecape.org
Thu Sep 25 11:31:07 PDT 2014

Fast color clears simply fill the MCS buffer with 0xff.  If the MCS BO
is not busy, we can map it without stalling and simply use memset to do
that, without having to reprogram the entire GPU, draw rectangles, and
invoke pixel shaders.  This is presumably cheaper.

This code was swiped from intel_miptree_alloc_mcs, which clears the
buffer using memset when allocating the MCS.

Improves performance in GpuTest Triangle by 5.09439% +/- 1.27536%.
Xonotic, EgyptHD, and many others also hit this path, but I was not
able to measure any performance increase in other applications.

Signed-off-by: Kenneth Graunke <kenneth at whitecape.org>

Concerns I have which hopefully reviewers can address:
- Do we need to worry about clipping/scissoring/etc?  I think our
fast color clear implementation only handles full surface clears, so we
should be OK.
- Do we need to check if the miptree BO is referenced/busy?  Or is
  checking the MCS really sufficient?
 src/mesa/drivers/dri/i965/brw_meta_fast_clear.c | 13 +++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 13 insertions(+)

diff --git a/src/mesa/drivers/dri/i965/brw_meta_fast_clear.c b/src/mesa/drivers/dri/i965/brw_meta_fast_clear.c
index b4e75a7..43df2d0 100644
--- a/src/mesa/drivers/dri/i965/brw_meta_fast_clear.c
+++ b/src/mesa/drivers/dri/i965/brw_meta_fast_clear.c
@@ -503,6 +503,19 @@ brw_meta_fast_clear(struct brw_context *brw, struct gl_framebuffer *fb,
          if (irb->mt->fast_clear_state == INTEL_FAST_CLEAR_STATE_CLEAR)
+         /* If the MCS isn't busy, just do a CPU-side memset rather than
+          * reprogramming the whole GPU.
+          */
+         if (!drm_intel_bo_references(brw->batch.bo, irb->mt->mcs_mt->bo) &&
+             !drm_intel_bo_busy(irb->mt->mcs_mt->bo)) {
+            void *data = intel_miptree_map_raw(brw, irb->mt->mcs_mt);
+            memset(data, 0xff,
+                   irb->mt->mcs_mt->total_height * irb->mt->mcs_mt->pitch);
+            intel_miptree_unmap_raw(brw, irb->mt->mcs_mt);
+            irb->mt->fast_clear_state = INTEL_FAST_CLEAR_STATE_CLEAR;
+            continue;
+         }
          /* Set fast_clear_state to RESOLVED so we don't try resolve them when
           * we draw, in case the mt is also bound as a texture.

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