[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 00/13] mesa: Locking improvements and optimizations

Matt Turner mattst88 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 17:10:50 PDT 2015

Patches 1-11 improve performance of SynMark OglBatch7 by 6.29586% +/- 0.277734%
(n=337) and OglMultithread by 1.12564% +/- 0.424038% (n=209). I haven't
benchmarked individual patches because I'd like to not waste all that time if I
get review feedback that requires me to change things. :)

Patches 12-13 were supposed to improve performance, but seem to make an
existing thread-safety problem worse, so I'm not proposing them for inclusion.

[01/13] c11/threads: Assert that mtx is non-NULL and check
[02/13] mesa: Remove debugging code from _mesa_reference_*.

[03/13] mesa: Add locking to sampler objects.
[04/13] mesa: Add locking to programs.

   These two add missing locks to sampler and program objects, which
   I believe are supposed to be thread-safe.

[05/13] mesa: Replace buffer object locks with atomic inc/dec.
[06/13] mesa: Replace sampler object locks with atomic inc/dec.
[07/13] mesa: Replace program locks with atomic inc/dec.
[08/13] mesa: Replace renderbuffer object locks with atomic inc/dec.
[09/13] mesa: Replace texture buffer object locks with atomic inc/dec.

   These five replace locks around RefCount++/-- with atomic increment
   and decrement.

[10/13] hash: Add _mesa_HashRemoveLocked() function.
[11/13] mesa: Replace uses of Shared->Mutex with hash-table mutexes

   These two replace uses of ctx->Shared->Mutex with the mutexes in the
   hash tables.

[12/13] mesa: Remove unnecessary locking from container
[13/13] mesa: Remove deleteFlag pattern.

   *I am not proposing these for inclusion*

   These two remove some "unnecessary" locking from so called "container
   objects" that are not shared between threads by the GL. While I expected
   them to improve performance, they actually cause double-free errors in
   SynMark OglMultithread. Valgrind's helgrind tool shows that there are many
   thread-safety issues in the texture code, and removing these locks seems to
   exacerbate the problem.

   Specifically, multiple threads are reading and writing to gl_texture_objects
   without any synchronization from places like intel_finalize_mipmap_tree(),
   gen7_update_texture_surface(), brw_populate_sampler_prog_key_data(),
   update_sampler_state(), and _mesa_BindTexture().

   Suggestions for solving this (apparently quite longstanding) problem are

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