[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 00/15] gallium/radeonsi hang debugging and IB parser

Marek Olšák maraeo at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 05:04:46 PDT 2015


Setting GALLIUM_DDEBUG=800 (timeout=800ms) enables the new ddebug module, which records all gallium states. The module tries to detect a hang and if it occurs, it prints all gallium states to a file, and calls pipe_context->dump_debug_state, which prints driver-specific state to the same file. The module exactly pinpoints the problematic draw call, because it waits for every draw call to finish within the given timeout.

The result on the radeonsi driver is a report that contains the following:
- the problematic draw call with all gallium states
- memory mapped status registers for hang debugging (GRBM_STATUS, etc.)
- disassembled shaders
- the indirect buffer (IB, AKA command buffer or CS) in a human-readable form

The driver also adds trace points to indirect buffers, and it prints where the CP stopped executing the IB. You can either read it with "less -R" or convert to html with "aha".

This is the html report from one GPU hang. You can see the trace points in the IB there. The CP is probably stuck at PS_PARTIAL_FLUSH, waiting for the 3D engine to go idle:

Most of the IB parser is automatically generated from sid.h using a python script invoked during a Mesa build, so it understands all packets and all registers which are defined there. It's regenerated when sid.h is changed.

One more html report just showing how many status registers are printed on VI:

Please review.


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