[Mesa-dev] [Bug 91711] mesa-9.1.3: undefined reference to `wglGetProcAddress at 4'

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--- Comment #1 from YuGiOhJCJ <yugiohjcj at 1s.fr> ---
OK I found how to solve this problem.
Instead of using the libopengl32.a file provided by mesa I need to use the one
provided by my cross-compiler.
The problem is that my current cross-compiler [1] does not provide the
/usr/i686-pc-mingw32/lib/libopengl32.a file.
So, I have installed a new cross-compiler [2] that does correctly the job.

Now, my cross-compiler already provides a
/usr/i686-pc-mingw32/lib/libopengl32.a file.
So, I should not cross-compiling mesa because it will overrides this file that
will contain incorrect symbols.

The libopengl32.a provided by my new cross-compiler contains the correct
$ nm /usr/i686-w64-mingw32/lib/libopengl32.a | grep wglGetProc
00000000 I __imp__wglGetProcAddress at 4
00000000 T _wglGetProcAddress at 4

The question is why I need to use the library provided by my cross-compiler and
not the one from mesa?

[1] http://www.mingw.org/
[2] http://mingw-w64.org

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