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Tue Dec 1 10:25:33 PST 2015

Irrespective of any spec lawyering you might do, we have some piglit
tests which basically assume that things like

gl_Layer = foo;
gl_Position = ...
gl_Position = ...

will always work. I believe this was based on the theory that some
applications actually do this, although tbh I don't remember the
details. We ended up adding a "latch" in nouveau/codegen to just
always re-emit the previously-computed layer at EmitVertex() time.


On Tue, Dec 1, 2015 at 12:43 PM, Roland Scheidegger <sroland at vmware.com> wrote:
> Trying to fix some draw bugs with layer/vp outputs (and clipping), I was
> wondering if GL actually guarantees sane results if the layer/vp index
> isn't the same on all vertices. And sure it seems it does, albeit it's
> implementation-dependent. Specifically (from gl 4.4 core, page 388)
> "viewport index is implementation-dependent and thus portable
> applications will assign the same layer and viewport index for all
> vertices in a primitive. The vertex conventions followed for gl_Layer
> and gl_ViewportIndex may be determined by calling GetIntegerv with the
> symbolic constants LAYER_PROVOKING_VERTEX and
> VIEWPORT_INDEX_PROVOKING_VERTEX, respectively. For either query, if the
> value returned is PROVOKING_VERTEX, then vertex selection follows the
> convention specified by ProvokingVertex (see section 13.4). If the value
> returned is FIRST_VERTEX_CONVENTION, selection is always taken from the
> first vertex of a primitive. If the value returned is
> LAST_VERTEX_CONVENTION, the selection is always taken from the last
> vertex of a primitive. If the value returned is UNDEFINED_VERTEX, the
> selection is not guaranteed to be taken from any specific vertex in the
> primitive."
> However, what mesa does is just return Light.ProvokingVertex. This means
> that if you switch the provoking vertex, the result will be different,
> which seems quite inappropriate for this implementation-dependent query.
> Albeit I'm not sure what the result really should be, that is if all
> drivers will do the same - I guess though UNDEFINED_VERTEX would always
> be correct.
> Roland
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