[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 00/26] i965: Tessellation shaders for Gen8+!

Kenneth Graunke kenneth at whitecape.org
Wed Dec 2 16:15:41 PST 2015


Here's an implementation of GL_ARB_tessellation_shader (part of GL 4.0)
for Intel Gen8+ hardware (Broadwell and Skylake).  Unigine Heaven works,
GPUTest/TessMark works, and almost all Piglit tests are passing.

Shadow of Mordor also works, with one extra patch to fix implicit int/uint
conversions and a few environment variables for version overrides.

Huge thanks to Chris Forbes for doing a ton of the work here, as well as
Fabian Bieler for originally starting the project.  Also, thanks to Ilia
Mirkin, who helped me debug a bunch of issues over IRC at all hours of
the night.

There's a small number of items left to do: we currently require both a
TCS and TES to be linked together - missing TCS or mix-and-match with
SSO is not yet supported.  I plan to fix that once this series lands.

Ivybridge and Haswell support is on the way - most of it's implemented,
but there are a number of lingering GPU hangs that need to be fixed
before it's really usable.

Happy reviewing!


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