[Mesa-dev] [Bug 92850] Segfault loading War Thunder

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--- Comment #46 from haro41 at gmx.de ---
here is the code from ir.h where it fails:

    * Determine the number of operands used by an expression
   static unsigned int get_num_operands(ir_expression_operation);

    * Determine the number of operands used by an expression
   unsigned int get_num_operands() const
      return (this->operation == ir_quadop_vector)
     ? this->type->vector_elements : get_num_operands(operation);

Is it strange enough to fail if compiled inline in this code below?

   for (operand = 0; operand < ir->get_num_operands(); operand++) {
      this->result.file = PROGRAM_UNDEFINED;
      if (this->result.file == PROGRAM_UNDEFINED) {
         printf("Failed to get tree for expression operand:\n");
      op[operand] = this->result;

      /* Matrix expression operands should have been broken down to vector
       * operations already.

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