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--- Comment #55 from haro41 at gmx.de ---
(In reply to Nicolai Hähnle from comment #53)
> The 'FBO incomplete' message is something that is often seen with apitrace.
> Not sure where it actually comes from, but in other cases it doesn't cause
> problems.

Yes, but it is at least confusing and i think it could be worth to be

> Do you get a crash when you replay that trace file? If so, please provide
> the last couple of lines of output from `glretrace -v <tracefile>` together
> with the backtrace. Also, if you do get a crash with the replay as well,
> running it in Valgrind may be helpful.

I never observed a crash while replaying apitrace files, not from successfull
runs (fno-inline-small-functions) nor from crashed runs

I just now updated to latest git (and simultanous an WT client update arrived).
Now the situation has changed:

- with finline-small-functions: it dosn't crash, but now it draws a lot of
funny textured polygons where they shouldn't be drawn.

- with fno-inline-small-functions: it works still flawless

If i undo some of the latest mesa commits, i got the old behavoir (crashes).

> Regarding your comment about Valgrind, please clarify: You ran War Thunder
> in Valgrind, and did get error reports from Valgrind but none of them in
> Mesa? Is that correct?

Yes, if i am running WT under valgrind (memcheck) i get some less helpfull
warnings/errors like this:

==1893== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
==1893==    at 0x5990E56: XRefreshKeyboardMapping (in
==1893==    by 0x18E0F6B: ??? (in /home/player/WarThunder/aces)
==1893==    by 0xF03DC3: ??? (in /home/player/WarThunder/aces)
==1893==    by 0xDE7595: ??? (in /home/player/WarThunder/aces)
==1893==    by 0x7D2A85: ??? (in /home/player/WarThunder/aces)
==1893==    by 0x41529D: ??? (in /home/player/WarThunder/aces)
==1893==    by 0x64F986F: (below main) (in

The main problem with valgrind is, that it slows down (20-30x) and WT breaks
with something like 'freeze detected' before serious gl activity, at least
before it crashes normally.

Do you think it would simplify things, if you download WT and try to run it
locally (it is free off charge)?

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