[Mesa-dev] Naming conventions, DSA, and meta

Eric Anholt eric at anholt.net
Mon Feb 2 13:22:40 PST 2015

Thomas Helland <thomashelland90 at gmail.com> writes:

> 2015-02-02 19:18 GMT+01:00 Jason Ekstrand <jason at jlekstrand.net>:
>> Hi all,
>> I wanted to send out a quick message about naming conventions for mesa
>> entrypoints and dd table fallbacks.  There has been some confusion and
>> disagreement about this with some of the stuff Laura has been doing to
>> implement DSA.  Instead of side-track one of those patches for this
>> discussion, I thought it was worth its own e-mail.
>> When Laura started working on DSA, I suggested that, since we're refactoring
>> everything anyway, we refactor the guts of the entrypoint into a DSA-style
>> "internal entrypoint".  This internal entrypoint takes a gl_context pointer,
>> does less error checking, and actual mesa object pointers instead of GLuint
>> names.  I'll get to why in a minute here.  However, that leaves us needing a
>> naming convention for three things:
>>  1) The entrypoint itself (currently _mesa_EntryPoint)
>>  2) the internal entrypoint (Laura chose _mesa_entry_point)
>>  3) the software fallback for the DD table entry (Laura chose
>> _mesa_TableEntry_sw)
>> I think we can all agree on not changing (1).  Previously we had something
>> of a convention of _mesa_entry_point for (3) but it wasn't perfectly
>> consistent.  Since we didn't have DSA, we didn't have anything for (2).
>> Personally, I'm OK with what Laura chose, but I understand that it's a
>> change of convention.  Another option, would be to do _mesa_main_TableEntry
>> or _mesa_main_table_entry for the standard DD fallback.  Or we can come up
>> with a different convention for the internal entry points.  I don't care
>> much.
>> Why the internal entrypoints?
>> The first reason is that we have to do the refactor anyway, and that seems
>> reasonable.  The more important reason is meta.  This is something that
>> Kristian, Ken and I have talked about a good bit lately.  I've done some
>> traces with meta lately and meta_begin/end show up a lot and what shows up
>> more is hash table lookups and, in particular, the mutex lock/unlock that's
>> involved.  Inside meta, we do all sorts of stupidity like
> Kind of off-topic, but since you're mentioning overhead of hash tables:
> I've been doing some work on util/hash_table that is yet to be sent to the list.
> Thought I could share my experience if someone happens to be
> working on other improvements to the hash-tables.
> TLDR of approach:
> Power-of-two sized table instead of prime size.
> -> We can replace the modulo with bitmasking to fit keys in the table.
> -> Reduced overhead on insert, search, resize, etc.
> -> FNV-1a has good avalanche properties -> collisions is a no-issue.

There was also the idea of using a much cheaper hash.  The hash cost
itself is fairly large iirc.  I'd love to see the two ideas tried out
side by side (a cheap crc32 should be easy to test).
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