[Mesa-dev] [Bug 88967] Black textures Radeon m HD 5650

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--- Comment #23 from Sven Arvidsson <sa at whiz.se> ---
So, a few things you could try:

The bug could be in Wine (different drivers can lead to different behaviour),
the game (Mesa sometimes follows the OpenGL spec better than other drivers and
exposes bugs in apps) or in the driver.

You could try different options in Wine and in the game to see if it changes
the behaviour.

You seem to be using a snapshot of Mesa, you could try the latest stable
version to rule out a regression.

Ask others who play the same game using Mesa drivers if they have the same
problem (even better if they use another driver, noveau or i965)

Lastly, you could use the apitrace tool to create a trace of the game and
upload it somewhere and link it to the bug report.

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