[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 00/23] ARB_direct_state_access buffer objects (v2)

Martin Peres martin.peres at free.fr
Thu Feb 12 12:09:00 PST 2015

On 12/02/15 04:05, Laura Ekstrand wrote:
> This includes a v2 of all of the buffer object code plus a v2 of the related
> TextureBufferRange entry point.
> Note that some implementations have been merged together (MapBuffer and
> MapBufferRange, for instance) because it didn't seem to make sense to keep two
> separate and nearly identical versions of the same code.
> As a reminder:
> Most of the implementation work involved abstracting the internals of the
> traditional GL functions and writing the DSA functions on top of these
> abstractions.  For instance, to implement GenerateTextureMipmap, most of the
> functionality of GenerateMipmap was moved to a function:
> void
> _mesa_generate_texture_mipmap(struct gl_context *ctx,
>                                struct gl_texture_object *texObj,
>                                GLenum target, bool dsa).
> GenerateMipmap and GenerateTextureMipmap
> were then implemented on top of this function as thin layers that get the
> context and the relevant texture object.

Someone commented on my code, stating that internal functions should not 
have _mesa_ in their name and I think it makes sense. Do you have an 
argument against that?

Other than that, I have adopted the same convention it would seem. 
Probably got it from you :)

> One exciting byproduct of the
> creation of these backend abstractions is the potential for driver internals
> (such as meta) to use nameless texture objects.  These objects could be
> created, used, and deleted without costly hash table lookups.  Moreover, the
> backend abstractions avoid the use of GET_CURRENT_CONTEXT(ctx), allowing
> driver internals to pass in a different context if desired.
> For this reason, most of the backend abstractions were exposed to the rest of
> Mesa and given a name of the form _mesa_[DSA_function_name_in_snake_case]. To
> avoid confusion between the backend function names and those of software
> fallbacks, software fallbacks were renamed in the form
> _mesa_[Device_Driver_function_name]_sw.
> For instance, the backend for TexStorage2D
> and TextureStorage2D is named _mesa_texture_storage.  To avoid confusion with
> the software fallback _mesa_alloc_texture_storage, the software fallback was
> renamed to _mesa_AllocTextureStorage_sw.
> Laura Ekstrand (23):
>    main: Fix whitespace in teximage.c.
>    main: Add entry point for TextureBufferRange.
>    main: Add utility function _mesa_lookup_bufferobj_err.
>    main: Tex[ture]Buffer[Range] functions now use
>      _mesa_lookup_bufferobj_err.
>    main: Add entry point for CreateBuffers.
>    main: Add entry point for NamedBufferStorage.
>    main: Add entry point for NamedBufferData.
>    main: Add entry point for NamedBufferSubData.
>    main: Cosmetic changes to BufferSubData infrastructure.
>    main: Add entry point for CopyNamedBufferSubData.
>    main: Refactor ClearBuffer[Sub]Data.
>    main: Add entry points for ClearNamedBuffer[Sub]Data.
>    main: Minor whitespace fixes in ClearNamedBuffer[Sub]Data.
>    main: Refactor MapBuffer[Range].
>    main: Add entry points for MapNamedBuffer[Range].
>    main: Add entry point for UnmapNamedBuffer.
>    main: Refactor FlushMappedBufferRange.
>    main: Add entry point for FlushMappedNamedBufferRange.
>    main: Refactor GetBufferParameteri[64]v.
>    main: Add entry points for GetBufferParameteri[64]v.
>    main: Add entry point for GetNamedBufferPointerv.
>    main: Add entry point for glGetNamedBufferSubData.
>    main: Cosmetic changes to GetBufferSubData.
>   src/mapi/glapi/gen/ARB_direct_state_access.xml |  112 +++
>   src/mesa/main/bufferobj.c                      | 1150 +++++++++++++++---------
>   src/mesa/main/bufferobj.h                      |  144 ++-
>   src/mesa/main/tests/dispatch_sanity.cpp        |   16 +
>   src/mesa/main/teximage.c                       |  120 ++-
>   src/mesa/main/teximage.h                       |    4 +
>   src/mesa/state_tracker/st_cb_bufferobjects.c   |    4 +-
>   7 files changed, 1094 insertions(+), 456 deletions(-)

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