[Mesa-dev] [Bug 89107] [Radeonsi/Hawaii] Rendering errors when running basic opengl 3 demo

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Mon Feb 16 02:20:07 PST 2015


--- Comment #14 from Sebastian Parborg <darkdefende at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Grigori Goronzy from comment #12)
> This seems to be related to the context creation by the included
> "MicroGlut". The code of this is quite messy. My guess is that something is
> wrong with context creation, not Mesa.
> If I replace "MicroGlut" with freeglut, it works as expected.

Thanks for posting a workaround/fix! I'll try it out soon. ( Now i don't have
to reboot to fglrx to work on the labs, thanks to you :) )

My professors "MicroGlut" might be the cause of this problem, I agree.
The question is what it's doing wrong though. I mean, it seems to work fine on
OSX and with the proprietary drivers from nvidia and amd on Linux.

So if it renders correctly with all of those then what is it doing wrong? Do
all those drivers interpret faulty code the "right" way? To me it seems quite
unlikely that all those drivers would interpret the faulty code the exact same
way so it doesn't break on any of them.

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