[Mesa-dev] [PATCH] mesa: Adds missing error condition in _mesa_check_sample_count()

Eduardo Lima Mitev elima at igalia.com
Mon Feb 23 03:52:29 PST 2015

On 02/23/2015 12:41 PM, Martin Peres wrote:
>> Section 4.4 (Framebuffer objects), page 198 of the OpenGL 3.0.0
>> specification says:
>>      "If internalformat is a signed or unsigned integer format and
>>       samples is greater than zero, then the error INVALID_OPERATION
>>       is generated."
>> See the original patch 19252fee46b835cb4f6b1cce18d7737d62b64a2e which
>> missed the check for samples being greater than zero:
> I see, but I cannot find any mention of this in OGL 3.0, from August 11,
> 2008:
> https://www.opengl.org/registry/doc/glspec30.20080811.pdf
> In this document, Section 4.4 starts at page 278. Which document are you
> referring to?

I'm referring to OpenGL ES 3.0.0, so that's an error :). Good catch. The
commit log does says GLES3 though (also see the _mesa_is_gles3()

I will change this patch to fix that too.

In any case, the issue here is the missing check for samples > 0, which
will likely cause regressions.

Thanks for looking at it!


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